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About us


Seven Branches LLC

Seven Branches began as an outgrowth of the combination of talents between Jeff and Richelle. The areas of construction, historic renovation, real estate, organization, management, design, and writing, naturally combine to create the elements of our company. 


It was started and named as an idea that described the blending of our family - after our seven combined children branching off from the trunk of a mighty tree. We are working together toward our goal of financial stewardship in the areas of property rehabilitation, management, and wholesale.

Our Story began eight years ago after meeting on Christian Mingle. Jeff lived in Williamsburg at the time and I lived in Chester, a one-hour drive kept us apart, but not for long. Fast forward after our wedding in Cape May, with a vintage theme, and our two lives now blended together, as well as our love for craftsmanship. Jeff's many and varied talents of home building, fine furniture, and historic renovation, and my love for all things antique have culminated into the start of this new journey, with our goal to restore a historic home, build for our future, and share our vision with others.

But our story really began long before Jeff and I met. My life's story began as a missionary kid living overseas for most of my childhood. I experienced a wide variety of cultures, foods, and viewpoints. My dad was always a fix it guy, and through our many moves, no matter which house we lived in, we would fix things up with fresh paint, new wallpaper and refinish the floors. I can thank my dad for giving me a love of antiques and a "make the best with what you have" attitude. Jeff's story began as a military brat, a ship captains' son, and led to building houses, renovating old homes, selling real estate for investors, and crafting custom furniture. Both of our experiences led us to appreciate craftsmanship, history, and a value for the intangible quality of products we so rarely find today. 

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