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​Seven Branches LLC is a Real Estate Investment company founded by Jeff and Richelle Tucker. Our goal at Seven Branches LLC is to help turn neglected properties into beautiful and functional homes for the next generation of renters and homeowners. 

Let us help you create your key to financial stewardship, real estate investment and homeownership. 

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Seven Branches began as an outgrowth of the combination of talents between Jeff and Richelle. The areas of construction, historic renovation, real estate, organization, management, design, and writing, naturally combine to create the elements of our company. 


It was started and named as an idea that described the blending of our family - after our seven combined children branching off from the trunk of a mighty tree. We are working together toward our goal of financial stewardship in the areas of property rehabilitation, management, and wholesale. 




Seven Branches LLC is a real Estate Investment Company. Our goal is to turn neglected properties into beautiful and functional properties for the next generation of homeowners, Landlords, and renters. Our renovations are carried out through our affiliated company, Craftsman's Homes LLC.

Our long range goal is to offer several areas of service.

  • Wholesaling Properties

  • Buy and Hold Rental Property Service

  • Property Consultation

  • Renovation of Neglected Properties

  • Historic Renovation Consultation




Follow along on our latest project, "Reviving our 1913 Colonial Foursquare ". This blog chronicles our own personal renovation journey of a neglected foursquare home in small town Virginia. Catch our project and photo updates on Facebook and Instagram, "Reviving our 1915 Colonial Foursquare". Please like and share!

Click on the links for detailed videos of specific renovation projects as Jeff showcases many techniques throughout working on our home. For more information or to contact Jeff at Craftsman's Homes with questions, click here

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