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The Pee Room

The Pee Room as we so aptly named the room that has had its wood floor drenched with opossum pee, is actually a very lovely bedroom at the back of the house with a very nice view of our pecan trees. It has three of our much loved large 6' tall original windows with wavy glass which are in surprisingly good shape for our windows - which means the glass is not broken, and the sashes are not falling apart - everything is "relative" since every window in our house needs work in some fashion. It also has a typical small closet - but in an old house you are thankful for any closet, no matter how small. One of the windows overlooks what will someday be a lovely covered upper "sleeping porch".

Surprisingly, there is only one layer of wallpaper on the walls, and ceiling, as opposed to the other bedrooms which each seem to have several layers. The room like most other rooms in the house includes a wood stove flue opening, which could have a wood stove if we chose to put that in. It also has a connecting door through to the middle and largest bedroom upstairs, which was probably the original master bedroom. This room will eventually be my sewing room, and our homeschool and craft room. In the immediate future while we are working on other rooms we plan to use this room as our bedroom, that is if I can get the smell out!

Ok, onto attacking the smell! I wonder if we will ever be able to use this room? First, after a good sweeping and vacuuming the floor with the shop vac and hepa filter, I mopped the worn floor with white vinegar diluted in water. Several buckets of vinegar mop water later and the water still looks like mud! Ugh! Next, I sprinkled several boxes of baking soda over the entire floor, and swept it into the cracks, I read that this would pull out the moisture and hopefully the smell from the wood. I came the next weekend and repeated the process. Let that dry and - it still stinks! So my next plan of attack was to buy hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle and saturate the wood floor with it. I let that sit for awhile, then sprinkled another couple boxes of baking soda over that. That brought al that smell to the surface. yuk! After letting that sit a couple days...success! The pee smell is gone!

See how much fun you guys are missing? I can honestly say I'm glad at this point that I like cleaning ! I'm going to be doing plenty of it on our renovation journey.

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1 Comment

daphne huffman
daphne huffman
May 25, 2021

Wow Richelle. It’s so interesting seeing this process. You guys are working so hard and it’s going to be beautiful!

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