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Seven Branches Renovation!

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

It's amazing to me how through life's journey, all our little choices add up to create our own unique story.

Why Seven Branches?

Actually this is and easy one! First, I love trees! I mean love! If I see someone cutting down a beautiful old tree, I might cry. But, that's not the underlying meaning. Jeff and I together have a wonderfully complex blended family of seven kids. So before you start imaging seven littles running around under my feet, you need to know that only one is left at home. She's our "last Mohican" I like to say. Our other kids are grown, and at present we have five grandkids, with another on the way!

Why Renovate?

I have always loved old things. I love antiques, and vintage inspired décor. I love the quality and uniqueness of old items. I appreciate the craftsmanship that went into old homes. Jeff's specially in remodeling is restoring old homes. Check out his website,, and his YouTube Channel Craftsmans_Homes LLC for more information on his company. He has always renovated for other people, and what we really have been bantering around for a long time is how we want to renovate our way, being good stewards of an old house, keeping the history preserved, while seamlessly blending modern conveniences. Putting together our love for old things and renovating a house just makes sense. You cannot duplicate the quality of old wood, wavy glass, or old cast iron. In many cases this quality cannot be found at a reasonable price, or at all.

Learning to value these well made items is not different that learning to see things through a different perspective, to value the beauty and patina, goes against the idea of quick consumerism, and instead speaks to contentment and appreciation for the beauty around us.

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